Saturday, 31 May 2008

Meriam bt Ahmad Shaharudin's sound-alike misguided and misguiding.

Labeling other Muslims as Munafik and Fasik will only make the titles fit fine for you.

---> Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir was righteous when he asked the government to clarify the necessity for the Public Service Department (PSD) to increase the ratio of scholarships for non-Bumiputeras from 10 percent to 45 percent.

- It was his right just as good as yours, to seek answers from the government. This is general issue we’re talking.

---> Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir was right when he stated that the education quota issue was closely related to provisions in the UNCONDITIONAL federal constitution like Articles 153(2) and 153(3). This resulted from a fair trade between heads of different races whom so happen to be fathers of the young Malaysia, just in case you missed that.

- Amending the federal constitution is a possibility but NOT NOW. NOT UNTIL we have round table conclusions. In the near future? Let us pray! The faster the change means the faster the disadvantaged progress.

---> DEB/NEP is NOT racist.

- On the contrary to the belief of people who see such issue from an exploiter’s point of view, DEB/NEP was meant to narrow the social, political and mostly economical gaps of the three major races in Malaysia. On one side are the disadvantaged Malays, Indians and even Chinese (in rural areas) and on the other side are people contributing to the great imbalance (not necessarily evil).

- If you are talking about corrupted leaders who bag big cash and contribute to the misinterpretation of DEB/NEP then I suggest you make a new article with a new, fresh title. Stop congesting this one article of yours with perplexing facts of non-connectable premises.

- True, we came from the same great^(inf.) grandmother and grandfather, but your misguided version of equality is visionary. Question the modern history of America and Germany regarding citizenship and equality FIRST before you preach to rectify our constitution.

Last but not least, keep your hands off Islam and the Muftis and stop making invalid Fatwas. The Muftis might make mistakes for they are normal beings, but I don’t see how their mistakes, summed, can compete yours, such letting people call themselves Rasulullah in one of the articles fitted into your website (referring to Meriam bt Ahmad Shaharudin).

SPR, the need to prove transparency.

In the 3 elections of the past, both major and minor, SPR had been heavily criticized by the opposition coalition for allegedly lacking transparency. This is a very serious acquisition but SPR must be diplomatic. By doing so, SPR would at least clear the nebulous mind of the people and reflect its true identity of ‘an independent body by the people, for the people’.

Going back through the passage of history, we find reasons to take allegations of undemocratic acts as something to be reckoned with.

For example, we have Singapore.

In 1945 after the Japanese were chased out of Malaya and Singapore (or Syonan, if you will) by the British, the people started to itch. They saw independence as a ‘once and for all’ solution to the problems.

While the spirit of Nationalism burned in Malaya, Singaporeans at that time were conceived by the same idea, slightly different, led by their leader; David Marshall. It wasn’t too long until Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP came into scene. With the trendy hope of gaining independence, both these leaders decided with the lot to join Malaya not just for a speedy independence but also to take advantage of the communist clean-ups Malaya was on to, backed by the western pack strongly.

Some years before this union, British agreed to grant Singapore a ‘semi-autonomy’ which left Singapore’s defense and foreign affairs matters on the desk of British Colonial Office. Later, an election was held; an election British could not bear to lose (not especially to PAP) for the sake of keeping Malaya free from communist influence; a legacy inherited by the PAP left-wingers, but they did.

If the British were to use their everything to secure their vision of a democratic new world, the election wouldn’t have turn out so.

SPR is trustworthy, for the sake of peace. To pick up the gauntlet, we need a trustworthy and braver SPR.

Just my two cents.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Friday, 30 May 2008


Awatif, cure my painful heart,

I’ve heard true love; generous,

I saw love scarcity; perilous.

Awatif, should I be selfish;

let I adore pettiness,

cast me away,

leave me astray.

Awatif, scorn my honesty;

and I pray; to you God Giveth;

and I pray; from me God taketh.

Awatif, beauty fades, life’s too short,

Awatif, you’re too kind, I can’t afford.

*Awatif is fictional

Ezam, update 30/05/2008.

As the UMNO crowd march Ezam and cheer his ‘use or being used’ political theory which contradicts numerous, previous statements of his, during his freelancing days, Anwar sits back and watches. It had always been the best of Anwar’s interest to not ‘crucify’ Ezam no matter how far he goes, and why is that?

Ezam, in the latest statement he made to the press, condemned the controversial act of ‘jumping ship’ by labeling it as unethical and ‘not so Statesman-like’, while creating a diversion for the mass from seeing ‘his own finger pointing to himself’ by stressing on the fact that no political party owned him, a priori, and that it is an act of faith to rejoin UMNO in its may-day.

What’s jingling in Ezam’s head? :

--->1< ISA and OSA are rightfully atrocious cruelties which the government, for their own sake, should revise.

- UMNO members stand tall by the latest decision of the federal government to not even amend ISA and OSA. Ezam’s act of reaffirming his stand regarding these issues might be taken as a desperate, though, smooth move to show the strength of his resolve when he has one.

--->2< Some PKR leaders who are ‘adequately fed’ are corrupted and this might just mark the point from which PKR shall fall.

- It was a big mistake for Ezam and his gang to use the term ‘adequately fed’. It shows how they are dissatisfied by not getting their 'cut' in PKR. There goes his shouting and screaming for the rights of people.

--->3< Pending issues; when will the ‘bribery inferno’ in UMNO be resolved? The Prime Minister still has some answering to make, and because I’d rather go public for bribery issues since the last time I checked, soft talk failed, Mohd Taib, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Mukhriz, DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and YB Khairy Jamaludin still need to come clean.

- If he is a man with undoubted credibility, he should have these 'allegations' of his be settled before he rejoins UMNO. If not, not only will he be seen as hypocritical by both the government and opposition, he might as well doubt the integrity of our Prime Minister and the BN camp the moment he shook hand with him.

--->4< I never thought of joining PAS, DAP and absolutely not PKR (for they, once, labeled me as a traitor). Because fighting for positions in a party, having party policies limit my freedom of speech and competing in an election are petty to me, what am I doing here at the parliament?

- Your confusion is none of UMNO’s concern. So no comment.

Simple math = +might be up to something.

For those pain-staking years you put us through, we surely ‘thank’ you by greeting you with arms wide open.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

“Terbang Tinggi”

You wish to know, what does it mean to fly high,

Slowly; your step,
try to climb to the highest of heaven,
like those who felt,
what it means to fly high,

His life, alienated;
the Musafir travels in a different world,
not boasting and not feeble,
for the best of a matter is moderate,

You shall not live on people's praise;
or die by their curse,
life is not the way you define it,
don’t be disappointed;
by whom you are,
and fly high in the heaven so wide,
accept yourself the way you are.

Do not despise the non-worthy,
do not hate the confused,
pity those who do not feel it,
do not fear your difference,

The difference between us is knowledge and behavior,
maybe then you will understand;
life is not the way you define it.

Ezam jumped ship.

Although Ezam, the former PKR front liner, seemed ‘calm and ready to drop bombs’ for UMNO, it would be unwise for us to label his crossover as not fishy. “I changed side because UMNO’s principles are changing for the better. Not about the people at the helm”, Ezam declared.

On the cautious side is Hishamuddin Tun Hussein with his ‘three questions’. Why should UMNO take this ‘special’ newcomer blindly? He displayed high-level atrocity and bought his way out of it with such insubstantial reasoning; for the changing fundamental principles of UMNO. From the time he abandoned UMNO and became UMNO’s nemesis, personified, until now; pasca PRU-12, the whole of UMNO worked hard, hand in hand, to preserve the qualities of UMNO which symbolizes solidarity, or in other word; to protect the principles of UMNO which they uphold. He, at the other end, dedicated his life to criticizing and burdening UMNO and digging UMNO’s backyard. Should he say that change of leadership inspired him to deliberately cross over, UMNO members would question; what took him so long to realize that improvements are in UMNO to stay?

It is not every day that you have high-profile figure from the opposition dropping by to say hello and submit the filled lifetime UMNO membership form, and directly to the PM too. But when it happens, you get the tickle deep within that renders you constantly inquiring; what exactly does this person stand for and upon what will his stand shatter? If it is a function of time, the question would be; how long will it take this person until he crosses again? This is no gimmick for when Ezam does that again, he would expose UMNO’s weak points to the opposition just as he did, only this time around, severer in degree of destruction it may cause.

Ezam is no new kid on the block. Right you are. But mind you, he had been accelerating his way in PKR towards power, nearly unbelievably, until new influential faces emerge, at least to Anwar’s recent policies, and that is just what he craves; power. This is Ezam in action and inaction.

UMNO should accept Ezam and even Anuar Shaari like honored house owner but the members should eye Ezam and his gang from now onwards.

Just my 2 cents.

“Optimismo es la logica de los estupidos”
“Optimism is the logic of fools”

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Malaysian Updates (24.05.2008).

Tun is urging UMNO members who stand tall with him to quit UMNO and he is firing the first kickoff. Many criticized his action while fail to see the mechanism he is trying to work out. They say that his initiative is causing a run back effect that strengthens Abdullah’s camp and will win the Prime Minister his support like never before. Having learnt invaluable political experiences hard-knock style, it is not likely that Tun made a wrong decision. The pressure is immense. Malaysians are pushing their way to freedom or ‘Freiheit’, what German philosophers described as ‘Zufaller Grundsatz der Demokratie’ or the principle of democracy by coincidence, and they are full force.

The Prime Minister’s camp is right now quickly exhausting the strategies once devised by Tun to win supports. Meetings are being held across the country to discuss about issues such; the probabilities of 30 – 40 parliament members, crossing and what proof RPK has to drag DS Najib into the Altantuya murder case alongside Razak Baginda which is on his way to behind bars, and mind you, we are talking about number two in command, which totally matters to UMNO. But is it substantial?

Tun in the same scene, would not have entertained such claims. Tun in the same scene would have reformed UMNO for the taking. Because at the end of the day, people would have more faith in those who took bold action by quitting, then in those who faithfully supported UMNO’s left wing such Mukhriz’s bloc and finally in those who remained dormant which equals to none, this call by Tun is something to be reckoned with.

Remember the saying; ‘ Macht ist auch die Macht der Lüge gemeint’. At least lying to oneself.

Remember the rise and fall.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

I wonder by my troth, what thou and I Did, till we loved? were we not wean'd till then? But suck'd on country pleasures, childishly? Or snorted we in the Seven Sleepers' den? 'Twas so ; but this, all pleasures fancies be ; If ever any beauty I did see, Which I desired, and got, 'twas but a dream of thee. And now good-morrow to our waking souls, Which watch not one another out of fear ; For love all love of other sights controls, And makes one little room an everywhere. Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone ; Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown ; Let us possess one world ; each hath one, and is one. My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears, And true plain hearts do in the faces rest; Where can we find two better hemispheres Without sharp north, without declining west? Whatever dies, was not mix'd equally; If our two loves be one, or thou and I Love so alike that none can slacken, none can die.


Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Was brauchen Malaysien eigentlich in dem Parlament?

--> Die Leute brauchen Menschen die der Unterschied zwischen induktives Denken und deduktives Denken wissen.

--> Die Leute brauchen Menschen die die ‚Verwandtschaft‘ zwischen Weisheit und Wissen im engeren Sinn erkennen.

--> Die Leute brauchen ‚Vorhersage‘ Resolution und nicht gewalttätige, unkontrollierte ‘Allgemeine Theorie‘ Behandlungen.

--> Die Leute brauchen Fernsehansprache zur Premier Zeit über Erfolge Malaysias.

--> Die Leute brauchen Alltagslogik, ein Bisschen nicht-lineares Denken und Paralleles Denken.

Aus extrahieren werden.

Premierminister Abdullah ist im Vergleich zu Tun Mahatir, kraftloser und grauer. Obwohl, er spricht arabisch, studiert Islam und tritt gern als Vorbeter auf. Premier Abdullah war Innenminister in Mahatirs Ära und hat eine künftig öffentliche aufschreiben der Regierungsaufträge versprochen.

Obwohl der UMNO ist Favorit in Wahlen, fragen die meisten noch; was kann die Koalitionspartei machen um für die Unabhängigkeit der Justiz, die Versammlungsfreiheit, die Pressefreiheit und gegen der ISA zu bekämpfen?

UMNO muss sowieso über die obengenannte Vorwurfe und Frage nachdenken um sich zu verbessern. Zurzeitlichen Kommentaren fehlt noch.
Nach und nach, geht es besser, insyaAllah.

Ruhe ist einfach.

Meine bisherige, persönliche malaysische Politik-Beobachtung zeigt, dass die Ausschreitung in Malaysia verbreitet kräftig, schon wie eine Krankheit. Die kaputte Demokratie (was ist eigentlich Demokratie?) verursacht diese ‚Krankheit‘ und es ist nachgewiesen, dass die Bekämfungsmethode effektiv aus demselben Faktor erzeugt werden soll. Eine rapide Änderung! Das heißt, alle Malaysiern und auch ihre Führer (empfängliche Gruppen) nimmt sicher ein Einsatz gegen Korruption.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Meriam bt Ahmad Shaharudin, between fanatics and supporters.

We believe the detention of RPK needs some serious reviewing, but what’s up with all the ‘RPK is a Rasul’ thing and ‘we Rasulullah’ thing? Keep religion out of this, alright. You don’t get to call yourself ‘Rasulullah’ in light-years even if you preach heaven to descent on earth! It doesn’t matter what you meant when you used that holy term, only the higher order defines it! Don’t try to start a new religion! You speak not of what you know not!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Raja Petra, called. 02.05.2008

A friend of mine who also happens to be my junior at secondary once asked me;” why is lady justice blindfolded?” I spontaneously answered that the law should not be exercised under ‘influences’. That is the answer which I supposed, not affirmative, but what I considered to be fine for an ad hoc question. This guy’s great admiration of justice made him enter law school. On the other hand, my belief in solidity and simplicity of justice that rules all politics and beyond, such pictured by Lorenzetti’s Fresco; The Allegory of Good Government and Bad Government, made my supposition affirmative. At the end of the day, which one of us would do justice better? This is always my unanswered question.

There is a fine line between those who only believe in something and those who are willing to sacrifice time and money for her or his belief and admiration, by aspiration of sustaining or changing that something.

The people of Malaysia are with no doubt, doubtful of the nation’s judiciary system. This set-back might have started since 1988 as some might say. It then escalated to the worse, being fueled by incidents such government cover-ups and biased, high-profile trials until now when unrests are discernable and God knows what awaits us in the near future.

Lorenzetti’s idea behind the mural is clear. By the time when people stop believing in justice and its many systems which uphold it, they will start to think only of themselves and forget kindness and unity. This will later attenuate the effectiveness of a government. This mural was painted in the Sala dei Nove or The Room of Nine to remind the leaders of what calamities might result from abuse of power.

What will the abuse of power in a multi-racial country like Malaysia resort to? What scientific, economic and political developments which took place since 13th of May 1969 till now that might amplify the ‘ugliness’ of potential unrests that God help, not, might take place?

In the wave of modernity, Malays in general have forgotten their real course; towards proving that they are worth of inheriting the land, securing the rights of all Malaysians and protecting justice, at least those teenagers and youths who contribute to societal moral decline. In this fast moving era, the world has come to know Malaysia or Malays with terms like ‘Mat Rempit’,’ Bohsia’, ‘Bohjan’, ‘Sumbang Mahram’ and so forth, whether we like it or not. The kaput education systems, both at home and at school personified to the incapability of the previous generation to properly educate this generation and the same mistake of this generation which propels to future ‘handicapped’ generation, are to be blamed.

Notice that ‘Mat Rempit’ will never be ‘Mat Cemerlang’ and all Malays will not ‘recourse’ overnight. Neither will DEB nor JEB empower ethnic Malay and Indian economy or at least convince them to leave behind poverty through blood, sweat and tears, the way it is. Truly, it is serious implementations of every plan at every level by brave people who still have some goodwill left in them, that do the trick.

It is by listening to the voice of the people or public opinions and the voice of those who attained wisdom through ‘hard-knocks’ like Tun Dr. Mahathir that will give this government a good chance.

Raja Petra has just recently been called for police questioning about the Altantuya Case which might just die away.

The Mongolian Prime Minister signed 'a letter to all parliament members' which urge Malaysians to conduct a sound trial of this case for the price of continuity of Malaysian-Mongolian relation.

The gentle and the mild inherit the earth.

Acta est Fabula.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Malaysian Parliament, 30.04.2008;

- --> Group prayer, harmonizing with the ‘atmosphere’ and the premier.
- --> The ‘heat’ kicked off by Karpal Singh firing Kinabatangan. Sure the term ‘bigfoot’ is a slander but everyone must admit that there is a portion of truth in the message meant to be delivered and somehow, it is sarcastic. The words of Kinabatangan lack respect that it better deserve for the sake of free speech, and significance. Manys the time when Kinabatangan pushed his way into quarrels which promote nothing but fallacies which toy with feelings and sensitive issues. Although it is a sad fact that most of our parliament representatives are incapable of formulating brief though invaluable questions -in the sense that it encompasses a wide range of 'issues'- or at least are incapable of answering good questions to the full, Kinabatangan’s incapability outshine all. The ‘Yang Dipertua’ should consider putting Kinabatangan under the ‘microscope’ just to ensure good behavior in the parliament. Same goes to the over-spirited Kit Siang. This is true considering the incident on this day when he questioned the rights of the ‘Yang Dipertua’. It is truly not the question of ‘democracy mockery’ or ‘the man behind the throne’ or ‘the puppet master’ anymore when an ‘unprecedented’ interruption is noticeable during the premier or when a quarrel occurs or when these ‘sober’ leaders get personal discussing petty issues.
- --> Kit Siang questioned the ‘no-extra-questions rule’ by saying that the ‘abolition’ of the extra questions is a mockery to democracy when the ‘Yang Dipertua’ is actually trying to redirect the subject of discussion to main issues consisting of oil price rise and so forth. Time is running out, and it sure did when Kit Siang ‘exercised’ his ‘rights’.

Why Self-Reliant Learning (SRL) for A-Level students should fail at GMI.

Observing the mischief of this system after some period of its implementation from a professional point of view, one might notice the kind of travesty which lurks amongst fancy jargons, pretentiously and ostentatiously. The idea might have started from petty resentments of mainstream education styles or eagerness to catch attentions by mongering a fresh, new concept for experimentation through the media. But failures strike the colors of such systems best and the truth that mainstream spheres provide excellent security leads us but to one question; will GMI admit its wrong and change its educational policy regarding the GAPPs?

We shall examine SRL in its true form, A-Level in its true nature and the inadequacies of the existing GMI-version SRL.

What is A-Level? A-Level is the substitute of former HSC academic qualification acknowledged as prerequisite for university-level study. A-Level examinations are so predictable that a 25-years-in-a-row grade increment is noticeable in the UK and the syndicates stressed out that it is affirmatively due to improved and more experienced teaching methods. You will find the word ‘prerequisite’ most significant in this discussion. This word is also used in defining the first level of the hierarchical Taxonomy of Educational Objectives by Benjamin Bloom. Bloom’s approach is both holistic and in line with all the educational and philosophical –isms such Cognitivism, Constructivism and modern theories.

To base this discussion on this fabulous taxonomy is to keep it coherently relevant. The similarity between Bloom’s prerequisite and that of the A-Level is the required role-play of the teachers or assistants or guiders, if you will, in the field, both, qualitatively and quantitatively regarding time spent with the students.

This is clearly outlined by Cambridge in its a priori suggestions of which we are well aware of (the learning hours). The least GMI could do is try to have teachers fulfill these requirements, but the unforgivable past seems to disadvantage the students rather than benefit them. It is unfair to station rebuttals to the above statement on will- or spirit-deficit of the students or the incompetency of their strategies for the problem did not recently developed but rather escalated from tradition of vaunted malpractices. This claim comes with too many proofs to be erroneous.

Truly, SRL is substantial to a bona fide higher education. Then again, the gateway is A-Level. A healthy education starts with the ‘affective’ process of ‘receiving’ knowledge passively without which the ‘scaffoldings’ would be too weak to support forthcoming information or worse yet; misleading. Then only can ‘responding’, ‘valuing’, ‘organizing’, and ‘characterizing’ can take place. The same principal applies to ‘cognitive’ process, in which the correct knowledge provides the ground for ‘comprehension’, ‘application’, ’analysis’, ‘synthesis’ and ‘evaluation’. Even if a student is fit for SRL at ground level, it would take an absurdly lot of time to make it through trials and failures.

This distortion in natural learning process imposes threats not only on knowledge development but also on creativity, motivation and morale of the students. A long exposure to imaginary incapability misinterpreted to have originated from ones natural, unchangeable, and limited intelligence would cripple potential students. The students, then, adapt to the new surrounding consisting majorly of degenerating laddive, though, ‘empty’ individuals amongst students and teachers alike, constant failures and let-downs and so forth.

I shall finish this article with a scholastic and constructivistic example. Let us imagine a student getting to know m-field or a magnetic field. SRL would tell the student that an equally important e-field or electric field also exists. The problem with e-field is that it is not included that in-depth in primary or secondary syllabus. A book will tell the student that an e-field is the force per unit charge which would be felt by a sufficiently small test charge at that point. To confirm this and quench the student’s thirst for other information, the student would check other books. Yet, the same or about the same definition appears which does answer questions like; how does e-field affect m-field? How does e-field function in light propagation? And so on. If you say that such questions would not benefit the student much in A-Level tests, you are robbing SRL of its rights. A fully functional teacher would do just fine in helping the inquisitive student by explaining e-field holistically in a nutshell.

Acta est Fabula.

Ahmad Kamil, 30th of April 2008.