Thursday, 29 May 2008

“Terbang Tinggi”

You wish to know, what does it mean to fly high,

Slowly; your step,
try to climb to the highest of heaven,
like those who felt,
what it means to fly high,

His life, alienated;
the Musafir travels in a different world,
not boasting and not feeble,
for the best of a matter is moderate,

You shall not live on people's praise;
or die by their curse,
life is not the way you define it,
don’t be disappointed;
by whom you are,
and fly high in the heaven so wide,
accept yourself the way you are.

Do not despise the non-worthy,
do not hate the confused,
pity those who do not feel it,
do not fear your difference,

The difference between us is knowledge and behavior,
maybe then you will understand;
life is not the way you define it.

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