Saturday, 24 May 2008

Malaysian Updates (24.05.2008).

Tun is urging UMNO members who stand tall with him to quit UMNO and he is firing the first kickoff. Many criticized his action while fail to see the mechanism he is trying to work out. They say that his initiative is causing a run back effect that strengthens Abdullah’s camp and will win the Prime Minister his support like never before. Having learnt invaluable political experiences hard-knock style, it is not likely that Tun made a wrong decision. The pressure is immense. Malaysians are pushing their way to freedom or ‘Freiheit’, what German philosophers described as ‘Zufaller Grundsatz der Demokratie’ or the principle of democracy by coincidence, and they are full force.

The Prime Minister’s camp is right now quickly exhausting the strategies once devised by Tun to win supports. Meetings are being held across the country to discuss about issues such; the probabilities of 30 – 40 parliament members, crossing and what proof RPK has to drag DS Najib into the Altantuya murder case alongside Razak Baginda which is on his way to behind bars, and mind you, we are talking about number two in command, which totally matters to UMNO. But is it substantial?

Tun in the same scene, would not have entertained such claims. Tun in the same scene would have reformed UMNO for the taking. Because at the end of the day, people would have more faith in those who took bold action by quitting, then in those who faithfully supported UMNO’s left wing such Mukhriz’s bloc and finally in those who remained dormant which equals to none, this call by Tun is something to be reckoned with.

Remember the saying; ‘ Macht ist auch die Macht der Lüge gemeint’. At least lying to oneself.

Remember the rise and fall.

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