Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ezam jumped ship.

Although Ezam, the former PKR front liner, seemed ‘calm and ready to drop bombs’ for UMNO, it would be unwise for us to label his crossover as not fishy. “I changed side because UMNO’s principles are changing for the better. Not about the people at the helm”, Ezam declared.

On the cautious side is Hishamuddin Tun Hussein with his ‘three questions’. Why should UMNO take this ‘special’ newcomer blindly? He displayed high-level atrocity and bought his way out of it with such insubstantial reasoning; for the changing fundamental principles of UMNO. From the time he abandoned UMNO and became UMNO’s nemesis, personified, until now; pasca PRU-12, the whole of UMNO worked hard, hand in hand, to preserve the qualities of UMNO which symbolizes solidarity, or in other word; to protect the principles of UMNO which they uphold. He, at the other end, dedicated his life to criticizing and burdening UMNO and digging UMNO’s backyard. Should he say that change of leadership inspired him to deliberately cross over, UMNO members would question; what took him so long to realize that improvements are in UMNO to stay?

It is not every day that you have high-profile figure from the opposition dropping by to say hello and submit the filled lifetime UMNO membership form, and directly to the PM too. But when it happens, you get the tickle deep within that renders you constantly inquiring; what exactly does this person stand for and upon what will his stand shatter? If it is a function of time, the question would be; how long will it take this person until he crosses again? This is no gimmick for when Ezam does that again, he would expose UMNO’s weak points to the opposition just as he did, only this time around, severer in degree of destruction it may cause.

Ezam is no new kid on the block. Right you are. But mind you, he had been accelerating his way in PKR towards power, nearly unbelievably, until new influential faces emerge, at least to Anwar’s recent policies, and that is just what he craves; power. This is Ezam in action and inaction.

UMNO should accept Ezam and even Anuar Shaari like honored house owner but the members should eye Ezam and his gang from now onwards.

Just my 2 cents.

“Optimismo es la logica de los estupidos”
“Optimism is the logic of fools”

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