Thursday, 1 May 2008

Malaysian Parliament, 30.04.2008;

- --> Group prayer, harmonizing with the ‘atmosphere’ and the premier.
- --> The ‘heat’ kicked off by Karpal Singh firing Kinabatangan. Sure the term ‘bigfoot’ is a slander but everyone must admit that there is a portion of truth in the message meant to be delivered and somehow, it is sarcastic. The words of Kinabatangan lack respect that it better deserve for the sake of free speech, and significance. Manys the time when Kinabatangan pushed his way into quarrels which promote nothing but fallacies which toy with feelings and sensitive issues. Although it is a sad fact that most of our parliament representatives are incapable of formulating brief though invaluable questions -in the sense that it encompasses a wide range of 'issues'- or at least are incapable of answering good questions to the full, Kinabatangan’s incapability outshine all. The ‘Yang Dipertua’ should consider putting Kinabatangan under the ‘microscope’ just to ensure good behavior in the parliament. Same goes to the over-spirited Kit Siang. This is true considering the incident on this day when he questioned the rights of the ‘Yang Dipertua’. It is truly not the question of ‘democracy mockery’ or ‘the man behind the throne’ or ‘the puppet master’ anymore when an ‘unprecedented’ interruption is noticeable during the premier or when a quarrel occurs or when these ‘sober’ leaders get personal discussing petty issues.
- --> Kit Siang questioned the ‘no-extra-questions rule’ by saying that the ‘abolition’ of the extra questions is a mockery to democracy when the ‘Yang Dipertua’ is actually trying to redirect the subject of discussion to main issues consisting of oil price rise and so forth. Time is running out, and it sure did when Kit Siang ‘exercised’ his ‘rights’.

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