Wednesday, 26 December 2007


"To The Origin"
"Ad Origo"

Reveal to me the secrets of life; R t m t s o l
of elating births and forlorn deaths? o e b a f d
Bestow on me the reason for living; B o m t r f l

for your strong and cheerful beats; hopeful, f y s a c b h
for this lost course of languishing causes. f t l c o l c

Render the questioning me but more inaffabilities! R t q m b m i
Confusions against overwhelming foreordainments! C a o f
Animality that plunders answers. A t p a

Forever in this realm garnering ruins, F i t r g r
Forever follow mistakes after another. F f m a a

Rest sorrows in fantasy, R s i f
cast happiness even beyond; c h e b
live long this surreality, l l t s

in completeness never once mourn; i c n o m

'O genesis.

by: Ahmad Kamil.
"To The Origin".
26/12/2007 12:26.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


This controversial article is referring to the sites:

Politics (Siasah) is not new to Islam. As a religion which covers every aspects of human life to the very microcosms of it, Islam is not as what appears to those who seeks a ‘modern’ Islam; a chip of the old block which needs indirect ‘modern touch’ but in fact; a completed order (syumul). It is only with the existence of this small group of people who are astonished by the Quranic verse:” And if you fear you cannot do justice, marry only one, that would be best for you", and yet, determined to interpret the contents of The Holly Book that the lot governed by their outrageous desires start to think bravely that it is not they that need Islam, but it is Islam which needs them, hence, this blasphemous community. I would, with much patience, remind you from this community that those who minister the Syariah Law know not just the exact meaning of Quranic Verses but also the history behind it and the Hadith relating to it, the very people who you call Taliban heads. They also know that the verse which states that there is no compulsion in religion (al Baqarah, 2:256; Yunus, 10:99-100; al Ghashiyah, 88:22) is an address to the non-believers, not the Muslims. So I’d advice; stop making fool of yourself.

Amina Wadud (I refuse to admit her doctorate because of the embarrassment she caused the Ummah when she led the prayer) is a confused woman and yet the saluted scholar of this community. It is with her ‘guidance’ that the people of this community with their rich fallacies are actively associating mistreatments and unjust conducts of the religious people and the Syariah courts inclusive; their personnel with Islam. It is clear what Zainah Anwar meant when she said that the issue of politics should not be misconceived with that of religion. Yet, she made such association as above mentioned and took her ‘Zainah Dream’ to a well-known stage; the political stage? Here is what I would say; it gives the ugly impression to those who know what politics really mean to not provide substantial evidence when you sum up a group of people negatively while preaching your fresh, homemade version of Islam.

It might be because of this community that we are seeing celebrities even in Malaysia who do not wear hijab, expose their Aurat and mingles without thinking about Halal and Haram that give Salam, say Alhamdulillah and Insya-Allah. It might be because of this community that people are using Islam for their own pleasures like wearing hijab only when attending Syariah Court (so that people think that they are good), fighting over issues which threaten the position of Islam in legislation side by side with the non-believers like the one of Lina Joy, be proud to declare their disbelieve and who knows; accept what are similar to the Indonesian Panca Sila components. This is appalling.

Hitherto, it is clear that SIS’s fight is no difference than that of the Western Women Movements; equality through liberty. But will this Westernization bring us any good so to ask; did it bring any good to the west? Like the denying of hijab in some Islamic Countries, equality did nothing but further lower women’s strata in the society. Stop SIS!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

On the matter of Hindraf commotion (Malaysia)

I feel great sorrow on behalf of the manipulated, though, brave Indians who gathered. It would be a great deal done for our country but to have more brave Indians believing in peace and just. But the more uncertainties come into play, the further rightful men deviate from their pure intentions. Many are the times we experienced the government being pre-emptive in taking serious actions, but truly, it is for collectivism's good. When a claim becomes emotional, other fallacies will follow through the mouths of sedition mongers who would want chaos for their own good. In a modern country administration, there are details which should not be exposed to public in order to avoid misconceptions; to preserve just. But these are blind spots not known to many, hence; manipulated and altered by lies mostly by agressive leaders, whatever reasons Samy's gang comming into scene. These are the only choice left to the government. So what we should do in return is at least respect table talks and discussions as a mean to solve problems. Those who govern are also humans. God knows what the demonstrators did that forced the police to take actions against them. They will retaliate if threaten as what all of us would do. In the radical spirit of fanaticism, what reached our hearing are only provocative rumours which sources we do not care. If what happened during the rally was ill-treatment, what should Malay call the incidents which took place during the 'reformasi' a couple of years ago. Tear gas, acid spray, FRUs, Malay against Malay? But with that comes the freedom that we are enjoying today.If the treatment of the rally was not democratic, what do you call some interventions of police in PAS's open lectures. But with that we come to understand the real purpose of opposition parties in a democratic system; not to seize government but to rectify. If you are displeased by Indian temple demolishing, do you not know that there are also masjid demolishing? Maybe not because we dont rally. We believe in peace that we share with others and now its solved. A good nation needs everything to be under control and that includes having worship premises in place. Leaders are not perfect but sometimes they are rightful. Lots of terms used in my comment are not known to the commonnies. Those who cannot understand how this complex system works tend to 'trust' the simple explanation preached by their leaders. Malaysia and Malaysians are still young and there are still many ‘things’ ahead. A sheer waste it is when bright Indians fail to explain to their people and Malaysians as one in general of the logic behind government’s actions and good intentions. With much respects, for we are one; Malaysians.