Saturday, 31 May 2008

Meriam bt Ahmad Shaharudin's sound-alike misguided and misguiding.

Labeling other Muslims as Munafik and Fasik will only make the titles fit fine for you.

---> Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir was righteous when he asked the government to clarify the necessity for the Public Service Department (PSD) to increase the ratio of scholarships for non-Bumiputeras from 10 percent to 45 percent.

- It was his right just as good as yours, to seek answers from the government. This is general issue we’re talking.

---> Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir was right when he stated that the education quota issue was closely related to provisions in the UNCONDITIONAL federal constitution like Articles 153(2) and 153(3). This resulted from a fair trade between heads of different races whom so happen to be fathers of the young Malaysia, just in case you missed that.

- Amending the federal constitution is a possibility but NOT NOW. NOT UNTIL we have round table conclusions. In the near future? Let us pray! The faster the change means the faster the disadvantaged progress.

---> DEB/NEP is NOT racist.

- On the contrary to the belief of people who see such issue from an exploiter’s point of view, DEB/NEP was meant to narrow the social, political and mostly economical gaps of the three major races in Malaysia. On one side are the disadvantaged Malays, Indians and even Chinese (in rural areas) and on the other side are people contributing to the great imbalance (not necessarily evil).

- If you are talking about corrupted leaders who bag big cash and contribute to the misinterpretation of DEB/NEP then I suggest you make a new article with a new, fresh title. Stop congesting this one article of yours with perplexing facts of non-connectable premises.

- True, we came from the same great^(inf.) grandmother and grandfather, but your misguided version of equality is visionary. Question the modern history of America and Germany regarding citizenship and equality FIRST before you preach to rectify our constitution.

Last but not least, keep your hands off Islam and the Muftis and stop making invalid Fatwas. The Muftis might make mistakes for they are normal beings, but I don’t see how their mistakes, summed, can compete yours, such letting people call themselves Rasulullah in one of the articles fitted into your website (referring to Meriam bt Ahmad Shaharudin).

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Edward Bernays said...

dont be racist, otherwise u r munafik dan fasik!

mufti ustat RPK
Al Azhar Batch 17(cm kt sek)