Friday, 30 May 2008

Ezam, update 30/05/2008.

As the UMNO crowd march Ezam and cheer his ‘use or being used’ political theory which contradicts numerous, previous statements of his, during his freelancing days, Anwar sits back and watches. It had always been the best of Anwar’s interest to not ‘crucify’ Ezam no matter how far he goes, and why is that?

Ezam, in the latest statement he made to the press, condemned the controversial act of ‘jumping ship’ by labeling it as unethical and ‘not so Statesman-like’, while creating a diversion for the mass from seeing ‘his own finger pointing to himself’ by stressing on the fact that no political party owned him, a priori, and that it is an act of faith to rejoin UMNO in its may-day.

What’s jingling in Ezam’s head? :

--->1< ISA and OSA are rightfully atrocious cruelties which the government, for their own sake, should revise.

- UMNO members stand tall by the latest decision of the federal government to not even amend ISA and OSA. Ezam’s act of reaffirming his stand regarding these issues might be taken as a desperate, though, smooth move to show the strength of his resolve when he has one.

--->2< Some PKR leaders who are ‘adequately fed’ are corrupted and this might just mark the point from which PKR shall fall.

- It was a big mistake for Ezam and his gang to use the term ‘adequately fed’. It shows how they are dissatisfied by not getting their 'cut' in PKR. There goes his shouting and screaming for the rights of people.

--->3< Pending issues; when will the ‘bribery inferno’ in UMNO be resolved? The Prime Minister still has some answering to make, and because I’d rather go public for bribery issues since the last time I checked, soft talk failed, Mohd Taib, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Mukhriz, DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and YB Khairy Jamaludin still need to come clean.

- If he is a man with undoubted credibility, he should have these 'allegations' of his be settled before he rejoins UMNO. If not, not only will he be seen as hypocritical by both the government and opposition, he might as well doubt the integrity of our Prime Minister and the BN camp the moment he shook hand with him.

--->4< I never thought of joining PAS, DAP and absolutely not PKR (for they, once, labeled me as a traitor). Because fighting for positions in a party, having party policies limit my freedom of speech and competing in an election are petty to me, what am I doing here at the parliament?

- Your confusion is none of UMNO’s concern. So no comment.

Simple math = +might be up to something.

For those pain-staking years you put us through, we surely ‘thank’ you by greeting you with arms wide open.

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