Thursday, 28 January 2010


I read these verses this morning and thought that these could very much explain the peculiar behaviors that I will exhibit:

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

29:41 The parable of those who take guardians besides Allah is as the parable of the spider that makes for itself a house; and surely the frailest of the houses is the spider’s house — if they but knew!

29:43 And these parables, We set them forth for men, and none understand them but the learned.

29:45 Recite that which has been revealed to thee of the Book and keep up prayer. Surely prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and evil; and certainly the remembrance of Allah is the greatest (force). And Allah knows what you do.

29:47 And thus have We revealed the Book to thee. So those whom We have given the Book believe in it, and of these there are those who believe in it; and none deny Our messages except the disbelievers.

29:49 Nay, it is clear messages in the hearts of those who are granted knowledge. And none deny Our messages except the iniquitous.

29:50 And they say: Why are not signs sent down upon him from his Lord? Say: Signs are with Allah only, and I am only a plain warner.

29:52 Say: Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you — He knows what is in the heavens and the earth. And those who believe in falsehood and disbelieve in Allah, these it is that are the losers.

29:54 They ask thee to hasten on the chastisement, and surely hell encompasses the disbelievers

29:56 O My servants who believe, surely My earth is vast, so serve Me only.

29:57 Every soul must taste of death; then to Us you will be returned.

29:58 And those who believe and do good, We shall certainly give them an abode in high places in the Garden wherein flow rivers, abiding therein. Excellent the reward of the workers,

29:59 Who are patient, and on their Lord they rely!

29:61 And if thou ask them, Who created the heavens and the earth and made the sun and the moon subservient? they would say, Allah. Whence are they then turned away?

29:64 And the life of this world is but a sport and a play. And the home of the Hereafter, that surely is the Life, did they but know!

29:65 So when they ride in the ships, they call upon Allah, being sincerely obedient to Him; but when He brings them safe to the land, lo! they associate others (with Him),

29:66 That they may be ungrateful for what We have given them, and that they may enjoy. But they shall soon know.

29:68 And who is more iniquitous than one who forges a lie against Allah, or gives the lie to the Truth, when it has come to him? Is there not an abode in hell for the disbelievers?

29:69 And those who strive hard for Us, We shall certainly guide them in Our ways. And Allah is surely with the doers of good.


Let us all contemplate.


電信 said...

向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

Verses from the Quran that bashed at my inner most hypocrisy as a labeled muslim. Just thought it would do good to share.

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

53:59 Do you then wonder at this recitation?

53:60 And you laugh at it and weep not,

53:61 Wasting your lifetime in pastime and amusements.

53:62 So fall you down in prostration to Allah and worship Him (Alone).


Anonymous said...

One more thing,...
I am curious as to know what the other fellow commented before me. tried to google translate it, but didnt work out. Its like giving chopsticks to a white guy. He may know the method on how to use it, but in the end, you will see the chopsticks sticking out from the guys nose. google translate.. failed!