Saturday, 27 March 2010

Qstardict on MaeMo

Why woul the geeks in complicate things, with all their xterminal's sudo gainroot, mkdir and stuff?

Thanks a lot username asasan in the forum. You're my buddha.

Because i need a german-english dictionary so bad on this device, i downloaded the eng-ger and ger-eng dictionaries from
(of course, those with highest no. Of articles)

It's really important that you do so.

As for the eng-eng dict., I downloaded two. 'Search' the webpage for keywords '185395' and '119769' and you'll get what i mean.

It's also worth mentioning that at times qstardict may take longer than usual to process your request, especially between selecting 'plugins' directories and seeing it appear in 'dictionaries'. And no, it's not being a Qstardick. Be patient!

Up next, Evopedia baby, wooooot!

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