Friday, 13 June 2008

To kill a bird with two stones

By decreasing the amount of fuel subsidy and floating the oil price at the same time, our government might have triggered the crowd’s ego defense mechanism and now that all eyes are onto no. 1, it cannot get any uglier. Without an intelligent way out of this, we should expect the personification of ‘Google Syndrome’ through BN; the disallowing of full Boolean combinations in nested parenthesis. If the government fails to identify which ‘threats’ are and are not imminent, more oil strikes will follow.

1 comment:

spannung eilt strom nach - ohmsch kapazitiv said...

mcm2 la msia skrg
aku dah kate jgn undi, undi jugak..
padan muke korang..padan muke aku skali..

melayu tanpa Islam ialah bangsa paling terok aku rase.

bayangkan kalau Islam tak smpi, n rakyat2 msia sume bukan Islam.

adeh.konpem mundur kuase 10 dr skrg..

skrg ni dah mule pandai nk tggl Islam..mmg cantek la..
boleh la kite ikstrapolisi graf kemajuan bangse melayu..
tgk kt mane ending die..