Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Price hike?

I've got to bring it into the context of living in Germany.

Let's face it. We want to be a developed country, at least to enjoy the facilities of one. We want mobility, fast internet connection (maybe we can put this in our Christmas wishlist), eat at restaurants till midnight, furnish our house with imported furnitures, although when we look at the productivity of our people in general, we should be grateful the price of sugar in our country is not 4- or 5-fold that in Germany.

So we have petroleum, we produce sugar. Germany produces the car you use, the medical devices you use, some of the machine-parts in our sugar factory or oil-platform or oil refineries.

I hate price hike, especially if I don't keep any saving and I have a hungry family to feed. I'm just saying, if we choose to stop pointing fingers, start asking only what we deserve or start asking after we've balanced all the factors involved, start being productive, we'd be better off.

MY 2¢, let's talk.

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