Sunday, 3 January 2010

I just watched an advertisement on the TV just now.

I’m flying now. I shall give myself a topic to begin with.

Let’s talk about women wearing skimpy clothing, shall we. First of all, its men discussing about women, let it be known. The bible says that your body is a temple. Non-believers can skip this part. So, what do you do with a temple? You let it become a whore house? That’s about the same magnitude as exposing your body parts, hence, deliberately turning you into sex objects. The architecture of a temple is an art. Not your behinds or your bosoms.

Non-believers, gather around.

Recently, I’ve read an article saying that women likes to commit fornication(s) – not all, be advised - with cads and later in life, when they think they would already be needing a father figure for their children, someone that would not leave them once their skin starts to wrinkle, they go look for dads. That’s the life of decent men they are ruining. Would those decent men still marry them, had they know these kinds of women are going to mother their children? Would it make sense to these men, the reasons these women put up to not have come clean the first day they met, like ‘even God forgives’ or ‘to come clean would tear up the family’ or ‘it’s time to move on’? The real reason is ‘I won’t get too far with him knowing that I use to be a part-time, for-free harlot, before’. If she is REALLY sorry for what she did, then she REALLY deserves a second chance, no doubt. That’s SECOND chance.

So what is the deal with fornication?

It’s committing extramarital sexual intercourse, yes. I think we would all agree to the fact that if we include the love factor into the equation, the winding road towards committing fornication comes to no-turning-back points that go far back from the point you take your clothes off.

Love is lunatic. It doesn’t reason, yet, it is smart. ‘God loves ’, ‘it’s only natural for a woman to love a man (and vice versa)(otherwise why would He give us hormones), ‘it’s pure’, and you name it. I’m sure that’s right. But the context of YOUR relationship just doesn’t add up, does it. The point is, it will try to justify itself.

Every sane individuals fear the destruction which comes in sequence.

I would like to stress out that it’s the ‘doctored’ religious practices that are making women look backward or ‘last year', inferior to men or incapable (not in control of their own self). The ‘doctors’ are as perverted as Bob Guccione or Hugh Heffner, only this time they use religions to cover up their mess. I’ll give an example of a ‘good doctor’: a Muslim brother who plans to have a second wife, who cannot pay his own rent.

One should not mistaken righteous religious practices with infested ones or ‘regional’ religious practices.

Now I would describe the feminists or the ‘sisters’ with their master plan of removing legal and social restrictions on females, as individuals who are tired of having to face ‘pious’ perverts and genuine perverts on two ends (one on each) of one road. They might think that they are liberal, emancipated or whatever they choose to believe in, but the fact remains that inside the minds of many ‘predators’ out there, they, in their skimpy bathing suits are sex objects, still. They can’t control that, can they? Porn industry could survive any emancipations ahead, with this kind of attitude, believe me. Now this could already ascertain that there are some things - not all, be advised - that are wrong about the ‘sisters’’ aspiration.

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