Friday, 14 August 2009

Why Malaysians should not complain.

The culture of 'us' and 'them' with regard to the government and the people has become increasingly popular in Malaysia, up to a point that it is being adopted by the younger generation as a trend. If examined, one could not possibly find a clear distinction between rioters hoping for a better Malaysia and rioters who just couldn't resist watching a riot without participating.

So here are the possible cases:

(1) Because the people (majority) are incapable of consuming the notions related to greater goods, or at least let it flourish without perverting it, due to the insufficiency of education, a path they took, a reputation they assume (assuming education of good quality was initially open to all). This can be seen by the regards they have for smaller but collectively considerable issues.

1)Public sanitation.
If Malaysians in general still couldn't comprehend the simplest thought of putting garbage in its designated can or not throw garbage while on the highway;

If Malaysians still choose to prioritize picketing political issues over issues concerning humanity like poverty widespread and the growing concern of deteriorating education quality in the suburbans (these later issues are merely political tools attended to, only during campaigns);

3) Behavior.
If Malaysians still condone violence and intolerance be it on the road, among households, or to foreigners; workers or tourists;

etc., or in general, insist to continue having and practicing (>3) world mentality, how could the government expect them to make sound decisions, without any influence by the 'preying hands' that feed them with lies.

Due to the attributes of the people and the hardship government put up to contain the consequences over the years, the government has become autocratic or semi-autocratic, in which case, its the people's fault.

The second case is the simplest: After years of being in power, the government eventually became corrupted from the inside, and by natural restoration, they will be replaced.

This fairytale case doesn't require further elaborations. It is a dream come true for both conspirators and fanatics (with mala fide intentions or just plain irrationality). Although it is obviously of much lesser credential, there's a chance that it might be true.

But people tend to go for the 'shortcuts'.

This is an example of the famous causality dilemma of 'chicken or the egg'. We, Malaysians, are infatuated by the drawing of 'Tacuina Sanitatis'. We shall take the 'contents' for granted until we come to realize that this dilemma is altogether, futile!

Drop the ball, start to work our visions.

The sweat from substantial works and progress towards development is the true bread for future generation.

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