Thursday, 2 July 2009

The PLKN antiques, now in Cini.

So, what happened in Cini? Well, nothing new, actually. Just another molestation case and a racial dispute. I wouldn't be surprised if I get such feedback from the parliament goons. In fact, most of us wont.

So why did it occur? I'll break it down simple to you politicians, if you're reading this: because you think it doesn't directly affect you or your wife or your sons or your daughters. So to hell with it, right? No drastic actions to curb it, no serious face while addressing this issue in front of the press. I guess it would be too much to ask for a nationwide campaign against misconducts at PLKN.

Honestly, you don't deserve your titles or your seats or your monthly payslips because you can't even conceive things, so simple, such the need to think of other people's children as your own. Of course you can use your influence to not have your children attend PLKN, but hey, would you like your daughters to be molested or your sons to experience confusing moments of racial disputes? I swear to God, I couldn't imagine.

I would like to take this chance to address other issues, 'the next of kin', I would say, to the one above. It's about putting someone outside of a field, in charge of that field. Why have politicians or Royalty be presidents of sport associations (you know very well what I mean) when they cant even play these sports...or run. It must be because of the pay, huh? Think about the matters at hand: why, out of all talented, young, enthusiastic Malaysians, these people...these narcissists, to represent us? (and by the word 'represent' I also mean wield the power to influence our lives and the future of our children).

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