Monday, 18 May 2009

A Sinner's Silence

In peace is the sinner,
As she hides away verity,
Behind the benign affection,
Verily, In peaceful corruption.

Those forgotten deeds, I traded,
With worn veracities,
Is it still not rewarding?
When all but nothing, you are taking.

Ask from me not, justice,
His justice for the ruins,
His justice against your temptations,
Ask solemnly, O' sinner awaiting aversions.


Anonymous said...

d picture up there looks interesting n misteriuz.. but i dun get the meaning.. a masquerade n scissors?
a man in disguise, and ?

nice tho!

Anonymous said...

that's not a man in disguise. I would say a woman in disguise. And the scissors, i'd like to see it as torments she had been causing through her silence. I like the picture. I got it from some blog.