Monday, 4 May 2009

conversion case: Indra Ghandi.

I'll make this brief. Disregard what people would label me as, I strongly feel that the children of Indra Gandhi should be brought up away from the influence of the religion of both the father and the mother.

In this intricate and 'twisted' case we learned how the mother used this reason:

“When the youngest child, who is still being breast-fed by the mother, is taken away from her, it is definitely traumatic for the mother” ,

and sell it to the medias, to further her cause of making all her children, Hindus. This is downright, vile and preposterous.

I also think that bringing up the issue of violence (of the husband) in the court of law is mala fide, out of context and is deliberately meant to 'appeal to the mass', save an evidence.

The attorneys are also religiously motivated and by that I mean; blinded.

Here, the scientific concept of Tabula Rasa comes into term with Islam. According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the young minds are 'clean' (fitrah) and their parents (abawaiyh) shall make them Jews or Christians or Majusis.

This could very much escalate to gender issue.

I wonder what they teach in Hinduism.

At least come clean.

As for the parliament members, if they are Muslims and yet do not act like one, then they are ________ (fill in the blank with appropriate answer).

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