Tuesday, 10 February 2009

An open letter to Mohd Ridhuan Mohammad of UM.

The situation in Perak is not unique. From the trove of the world's historical heritage you should gain a lot.

The primacy of personal politics has long contributed to the ugliest chapters of world history, long before we even come to know constitutional monarchy. Amidst of the crisis in 1914 in Russia, the Tsar's unequivocal and unconditional support for the Serbs indirectly resulted a revolution which was not so kind to his throne. After the wars from multiple fronts he waged, the Duma came to absolute power and he, to his knees. Let us not forget the fact that the Tsar called for wars despite the assessments of his military strength - conducted by his generals - which were not so supportive.

The lesson here is that a king is still a human. If to question is natural to humans then to be questioned is also natural to humans. Let not this one slip through, because nature restores power to those worthy of it by thunder: war strategies to the generals and democracy to the people.

A wave of 'Transformismo' struck the entire Malaysia in the previous General Election as the people sipped democracy 'more than what the leaders could afford'.

In the crisis of 1914, it is not easy to determine where the final responsibility for taking decisions lay, with the Emperor formally being the ultimate authority and receiving advice from civil and military officials who were not bound by any principle of collective responsibility. In Russia, the situation was complicated by the personality of the Emperor who regarded himself as the ultimate power but who was influenced in contrary directions by his own successive whims and the policies of some of his advisors, and still more by his belief that he represented and embodied the aspirations of most of his subjects.

I do not see the difference between what happened there and then and what's happening here and now for imps should look alike as they sit in eager caucus, as Emily Dickinson blatantly put it. And if you believe that these uprise and revolutions by the people are not inscribed in our tradition of loyalty, you can always check our history or learn of it the hard way.

In fact, what choices does an implemented policy of 'Prudenza, Riserbo, Segretezza' would provide the people with and of what promises?

God Bless you.

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perdaus said...

salam bro,mil I feel sorry for the curret alarming issues which invaded perak,the govern. and sultan in particular.not much that I can do but being outside spectator to my own state.I'v read variety of reviews,honest opinions of individuals,ranging the pro's and con's.speaking of which I did found some immature paradigm posted on the nets.but they have right to voice their point of views,and it's getting unbearable to witness the factual manipulation by certain group of people etc.and it has become compulsory that one to consider all aspects before making their ubiquitous judgement and I must say good point that you brought out the whole Tsar which reminds world of the fall of the all time renowned monarchy.Personally I just want us to unite,malay in particular.decision made by the sultan is undoubtly questionable,but believe me he holds the greater responsiblity in making such decision,and we have every reason to agree/disagree/partially the latter.and what is happening in perak is a bigger scale of wake-up-call to the nation to determine what are we in the near future.for the past few months of perak under the difernt gov.I can see few changes have taken place,be it good and some even to my greatest dismay.conclusively in my humble opinion it's all coming back to us in making our judgements,and we may not be able to ensure that everyone 'berpuas hati'.Some people are never satisfied