Wednesday, 26 November 2008

26 November 2008, spitfires.

DYM Raja Nazrin is pushing for Monarchs' immunity, PAS shall name their first success in Shah Alam as to be able to limit liquor business, Anwar says that it will not get worse, DAP says that PAS needs some arrogance management and Wanita UMNO is on a tough ride. Isn't it grand, because never in this short life history of mine, which I share with the rest of other young Malaysians which so happen to be the only rest after the time of DYM Raja Nazrin, Anwar and Rafidah Aziz, did Malaysians get so critical about Malaysia. This has got one way to go and one way only.

If this is going down, why bother, because these numero unos got their own God-forsaken agendas at best (except Tun because he's doing charity, if you think about it). We might as well be writing novels than wasting keystrokes. Get in, get out. Get it? At least for me, that's not an option, because I'm not thinking about spending my time here any longer than until my contracts expire. I don't know about you.

But you can be God-damned sure that it's the option taken by those wasted youngsters doing illegal racing and drugs and they are many. You can be God-damned sure that those culprits who would love to see the Malaysia which got this far, rot, (Ivy Josiah etc.) will work their guts out just so that it be. The later is why I and many other concerned individuals (not saying that I'm any better than you) gave up on explaining about history and how history repeats itself, to the mass majority.

Today, I received an e-mail invitation to join UMNO Club Germany and I am more than pleased to do so. I'm very sure that it was sent to all of us. But thinking about what's happening in Malaysia gives me the constant unpleasant feeling, the kind of feeling you get having bitter pill bits stuck in between your teeth. For the love of God, tomorrow's generation and generations to come are not 'cleaners'!

If this is heading upwards, and I don't see how, the tensions which are now growing, would develop battle-hardened groups of 'malignant' thugs, metastasising their corrupted ideologies and at the end of the day, there will be nothing left to loot. That time, the culprits call age of freedom, that time we call hell on earth. You want to know it, look around.

At this moment, more than anything, we need the world to know us like how they've come to know our other Asian neighbours, take Singapore for example.

Because when we're done quarrelling, what's left of the world's wealth for us worth nothing more than any other leftovers. Then, we can scavenge.


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