Friday, 22 August 2008

That Barren Heart.

Ne'er did I long satisfaction,
The grasp of lust and disruption,
Only from that I beg to be free,
And from the misery;
Of temporary numb,
Of a boy who played dumb.

Your everything is all,
At least to me,
But beauty, just like the trunk of a tree,
Brittle and disappear in time,
Robbed from glee,
Of expectations not worth a dime.

The shows are the same,
Manly love is lame,
But love's fine property is mine!
Snatch from me not Himmaleh!
Without that I own nothing,
With that I’m owned.

I’ve flown a thousand miles,
Like Icarus without seeing heaven,
He felt for the sea,
I'm bound for Thee,
The day the narrow isle,
Traps me forward and I, a coward,

God's wrath upon me!
Who am I to have a say?
I shall follow you your way.

Ahmad Kamil,
The Green And Golden Land.

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