Monday, 30 June 2008

La Revolution.

"The French Revolution. How shall we answer to the future generations?"

Amidst of this worsening political turmoil in Malaysia, I pledge my full support for reform to the better, freedom for the commoners and harsh judgment for the perpetrators.

Too much of power will eventually corrupt, too much of responsibility will eventually destruct. That is why those with great power are also liable to the law and only those reliable are given great responsibilities. The components of this balanced system complement each other and that is why it should be independent.

When an individual or a group of people with malafede political motivation/s attempt/s to transgress these limitations, we should not submit for there is too much to lose in imbalance, be it now or in the future.

Those who fathom this proposition are willing to go to great extent to restore the balance; the extent reached by Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and other great leaders of the past.

When leaders conspire, judiciary corrupts, atrocious libel being widespread, police force being a part of executive, there can only be one out of two reformative outcomes: having a revolution undertaken by the mass or having the corrupted at the international community’s point-blank.

I ask not for an allegiance to individual/s for the hearts of men are easily corrupted, only for fidelity and commitment to justice and future Malaysia.

Believe in restoration by natural selection!



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TunMutaer said...

im very concern with the current situation in malaysia. The Gov looks really2 weak in handling many issues . Mega Project cancelation, Linggam Vid, Hindraf,Batu Putih, OilPrice hike, cost of living increasing, deficit in yearly budget, inflation, slow progress in RMK-9, scandal & crime issues, it seems never end.

Bout Anwar's sex allegation, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

i think it's baseless. it is a politicrush orchestrated previously by the boneheads at the time of Tun. Tun named his successor to be Abdullah with hope of regaining Malaysia its integrity. Nonetheless, these boneheads also have plans of their own. Those plans, as it come into action, will contribute more headaches to Pak Lah and will later submerge Pak Lah's reform agendas. To maintain umno's superiority, Pak Lah will have to haul those men within the corridors of power, even if they are his own men.

for the sake of justice.