Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fun with Roslan Aziz and Amin Iskandar.


Today, Roslan Aziz lauded his moronic side of reasoning by firing pemuda PAS with baseless critics. Like many other Malay artists who put on skimpy clothing, behave like they never knew Islam and yet give ‘Salam’ and say ‘Alhamdulillah’ before, during or after their stage performance, Roslan Aziz is just another joker perpetuating hedonism, another money craver who babbles. Here are some questions for you:

1-- Why should we listen to your nonsensicalities about politics when you didn’t even vote? Where is your conscience in that?

2-- Why should we listen to you talking about Islam when you don’t have the slightest idea about what you are talking? I must say that the misguiding remarks you made about religious people to the press are quite smooth. But using the ‘sanad’ as an example is cheap. You are just desperately trying to monger to the lot that you know something about Islam.

3-- Why shouldn’t politics be a part of Islam? This is the preliminary question and you don’t have any legitimate idea about it? Shame on you, calling yourself a Muslim. Be it Islam Hadhari or Hadharah Islamiah, from the government or the opposition, the fundamental task is to promote Islam as the way of life. But you were right all along. For people like you who are politically irresponsible, politics might just not be a part of life.

4-- ‘Put the blame on stupid artists who are dropouts’ and dictum on you, yourself. It is amazing how you managed to come up with the ‘mempertahankan nilai budaya’ basis when the many paradoxical premises in your remarks suggest that you might not be able to do so. Why did you say that you are not trying to oppose the qualities of Islam when obviously you are doing so? Just look at how Mas Idayu and Ella dress up. Never mind Malay music. Malays are defined mostly by their Islamic qualities since long, but not for you. You belong to the special case; of people who handpick the qualities of Islam which suit their desires, and dump the others.

5-- How did you connect music and development again? It is a universal truth that hedonism is counter-productive. Forget about the manifesto. That’s a long way of logics from you. Take your argumentum ad populum (‘Tidak ada konsert, di Kelantan ada juga anak luar nikah’) as an example. Not only that the two premises do not connect, you are saying that crowding up in front of a stage, waving hands while forgetting about the five prayers, having private parts of men and women alike, not private anymore and listening to toilet and even illicit jokes (of ‘Senario’) would NOT result in children imitating the jokes, youngsters fancy going to auditions and putting on trendy clothes than studying, ‘future mothers’ involving in pre-marital sex and others. How flawed is that? Savvy this new teaching of yours. Maybe you can come up with ‘ajaran Roslan Aziz’ or ‘ajaran Amin Iskandar’. I don’t know about the non-Muslims. But that is always the case for Muslims. Prove me wrong. ‘Mat rempit’, ‘bohjan’, ‘sumbang mahram’, ‘seks luar nikah’ (All these come in pair).

To me, you are just another political tool. It is true what John Locke proposed. Mental development is in levels. The basic level: people question about the authority of a government to collect taxes from them, to conscript them into services, etc. The higher level: people question the limit of the authority and the things which they have to forgo in exchange for basic needs such safety and prosperity. Your ‘two cents’ couldn't even pass the eligibility level (of becoming an idea).

'Seperti ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan'


anti-so-sial-is said...

jom la masok Parti Sosialis Malaysia..

baru lepas register kt msia ni..

(lawak btol la sosialis nih..)

TunMutaer said...

well he was reaaly upset, bcoz if there is no concert, there's no 1 wanted him to compose song anymore. dat means no royalty for him. as ppl nowadays usually dw pirates mp3 isntead of buyin ori cds, so artist in malaysia only depend on concert n undangan makan malam or hari setiausaha for their income. sad isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Aye.Angry people do weird stuff. I suppose being just includes catering the needs of artists as well.