Thursday, 3 April 2008


Lately, we’ve come across articles suggesting that we should not do the boycott on Dutch products. It is truly shocking to find out that those behind such suggestions are Muslims individuals who insist that they are actually helping the Ummah by doing so. They say that boycotting Dutch products would cripple Dutch economy (which is good, as a lesson), hence, causes trouble to Muslims residing within Holland. The basis of this argument is weak and clearly seen through the microcosmic scope of the analogy.

Quite, what will happen if we are being boycotted (force your feet into their shoes)? On top of all, this is no scene of countries forming pro and con coalitions. The zenith of this boycotting process is Holland learning that Muslims still respect their religion and would not let freedom of speech smear it AS LONG AS Muslims around the world understand that this is a peace process and try to prove Geert Wilders wrong by staying away from riots, whatsoever. Using the probability of Muslims’ upheaval which might get physical as a reason to NOT ACT STRONG is LAME.

To me and most Muslims, exercising consumerism power through boycotts in large or small scale is the best way to act while not being negligent. Muslims in Holland may choose not to act strongly due to their vulnerabilities to actions by Dutch government, so they shouldn’t. How can WE justify our dormancy?

True, that Balkenende made a statement against Geert Wilders and that it is unfair to rule these two individuals under one judgment. But manys the time people come as one, politically, to straighten important issues up and through this act of boycotting Dutch products, we are simply telling Dutch government to look at this matter seriously and AS IMPORTANT, exercise their power against Geert Wilders and never again level our religion with terrorism. THIS IS DEMOCRACY.

To say that Muslims should not retaliate (peacefully) for they share a big ‘crunch’ of Dutch economy is the same as claiming wealth over Islam. Compromising the purity of this religion is unacceptable. It is a FALSE CONCEPTION that by boycotting Dutch products, the hostility level between Muslims and non-Muslims would peak.

This boycott marks the decisive point that will determine how people would picture Islam. It would also educate future Muslim generations to not take Islam lightly nor extremely.

Be smart. Act strong. Use logic.

“sei liebevoll und mutig zu gleich”

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