Sunday, 23 March 2008


Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu is by far, the best Agong Malaysia had ever known and there is no doubt about that considering His Majesty’s outstanding educational background and experience. Truly, His Majesty’s voice should not be neglected. But the ‘unique’ role the people of Malaysia are playing in this ‘triangular conflict’ involving The Sultan and UMNO is slowly resulting to disadvantages on UMNO’s side, hence, the Malays’ side.

Whether or not Dato’ Ahmad Said be the new Terengganu’s Menteri Besar is definitely the question. It might be about time that the Sultan step his game up, but some discretions are required in determining the type of cognition involved.

In this crisis, both the Sultan and UMNO could come to a win-win conclusion as long as Malaysians relinquish from provoking both parties. Instead of focusing on why UMNO would literally want to contrast the Sultan’s words (and NOT disobey a decree), the people should focus on which Menteri Besar would best fit Terengganu’s needs for they voted for UMNO.

The heuristic cognition of the Malaysians is obvious; if you cannot understand a mechanism, deal with the outcome a posteriori. This ‘backward analysis’ tends to create unrest and at the end; the collision between the two powers.

The dissemination of such cognition would only prove to the world our incompetence in handling local politics. What His Majesty is trying to convey is his great care for his people and the exercises of power which he is capable of and what UMNO is trying to practice is actually democracy. Normally, this sort of conflict ends with an understanding but the major role of the people is still evident.

If it is true that UMNO is responsible for a ‘breach in moral conduct’ during the previous PRU-12, deal with it in a different frame. An immediate, major change from provocation of the above mentioned case would NOT likely take place for UMNO won with a substantial count of votes at Terengganu but it would leave a ‘scar’ to UMNO. Let it be remembered that good or bad a ruling party be, the people tell.

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