Wednesday, 26 December 2007


"To The Origin"
"Ad Origo"

Reveal to me the secrets of life; R t m t s o l
of elating births and forlorn deaths? o e b a f d
Bestow on me the reason for living; B o m t r f l

for your strong and cheerful beats; hopeful, f y s a c b h
for this lost course of languishing causes. f t l c o l c

Render the questioning me but more inaffabilities! R t q m b m i
Confusions against overwhelming foreordainments! C a o f
Animality that plunders answers. A t p a

Forever in this realm garnering ruins, F i t r g r
Forever follow mistakes after another. F f m a a

Rest sorrows in fantasy, R s i f
cast happiness even beyond; c h e b
live long this surreality, l l t s

in completeness never once mourn; i c n o m

'O genesis.

by: Ahmad Kamil.
"To The Origin".
26/12/2007 12:26.

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